Louis Garneau has been the apparel sponsor of the Canadian Cycling Association for over 25 years. After proving the results of the new Louis Garneau Vorttice Helmet at the National Research Council Wind Tunnel in Ottawa, Ontario, the Canadian National Women’s Track Team set out on the World Championships in the Netherlands.

Tara Whitten took her second consecutive title at the Women’s Omnium. The Omnium is a multiple-race event and with races held back to back with little time for recovery. Omniums are known as one of the most grueling events in track racing and this format will debut at the 2012 Olympic Games for which Whitten is preparing. Post victory, champion Tara Whitten noted: “Louis Garneau has been a long-time supporter of Canadian Cycling and I am excited about the new technology and testing that has gone into the Vorttice helmet.”

“We have produced apparel for the Canadian Cycling Association for over 25 years because Louis Garneau is the cycling solution and offers a complete selection of cycling products including helmets, shoes, and apparel. It was an objective of ours to work towards getting Canada’s best athletes in Louis Garneau helmets. The significance of aerodynamics in track racing made the Vorttice a perfect choice for the Women’s Track Team,” notes International Marketing Director, Pierre Perron.

The Vorttice helmet complete with aerodynamic lenses has been wind tunnel tested and proven as the most efficient aero helmet available. “Dimpled technology, a unique air intake, a funneled back channel for ventilation, and vortex generator technology is more advanced and unlike standard aero helmet technology on the market right now,” remarks Perron. “The UCI World Track Championship was a perfect opportunity for us to let this technology prove itself.”